Add multiple add button on a form

Hello everyone!

So im trying some custom code to have mutiple add button on my website “Untitled” so the user can add what he need for a quote. To get to my problem you need to click on “tapis” and you will see a + and - button and they are working exactly like i want thanks to @Corey_MoenAdd-a-Field Form - Webflow” but i try to do the same with the section “canape” “matelas” and “balcon” but nothing of what i am doing is working so i feel a bit stupid, i try to give unique id and class for the other following the logic of corey but the result is not here, if you can help me that will be very cool thanks you all

and this is the code, only working for tapis, it’s the exact same code with no modification of Corey:

@Sebastienwebflow - your page is password protected so I’m unable to open it. It’s almost impossible to troubleshoot custom code without seeing the page or you posting the code here.