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Add MakePlans booking to Webflow

:wave: Webflow users. Espen from MakePlans here. We have built a simple to use online appointment booking event registration application. I wrote a how to guide for adding your own MakePlans booking site to your Webflow website.

See https://help.makeplans.net/article/47-add-to-webflow

What is MakePlans?
It is a SaaS for online appointment booking. It can be used for any time based booking such as doctor appointments, yoga classes or events. We have 20 integrations and offer many ways to customise the booking site including all messages sent to the customer.

Btw we also have a fully featured API so if you need a custom booking flow then check out the documentation. It also supports webhooks so you can use our standard booking site and still have an integration. Alternatively we integrate with Zapier for a no-code integration approach.

Iā€™m quite new to Webflow so I appreciate any tips for improving how we can add a MakePlans booking site to a Webflow website or discuss any opportunities for developing a tighter integration with Webflow.