Add Google Ads Event Snippet to a Collection page

I’ve been given a Google Ads Conversion Tracking Tag from my client to add to their WF site. I’ve added the Global Site tag to the header custom code in settings, but I now need to add the second part (the Event Snippet) to a Collection page. From watching the WF University video I need to add the snippet via an HTML Embed - so my question is: am I able to use conditional visibility on the HTML Embed to limit the code to the one Collection page only? Will hiding it ensure the snippet code does not appear/work on other pages within that Collection?

Hope that makes sense!

Here is my site Read-Only:
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Conditional visibility simply changes the visual state of an element. It does not exclude anything from the page source.

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Hi Jeff, thanks for the info. In the end I added an RTF to the collection and added the code snippet inside that for the relevant collection item. After publishing and checking the output code it appears the snippet only appears for that collection item and no other pages. Which is what I was after!

I think :slight_smile:

That is a sound workaround. Applies to anytime you need a “Custom code” field in the CMS.

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