Add Fullpage navigation dots?

How can I add these navigation dots do my website? I have the Fullpage set up already and just want to see how I can add the nav dots.


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You will have to create your own menu.

Create it with the bullets and get the links working. Then just scale, using transform, when the “current” selector is on.


In Webflow:

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@Tom1984 I did exactly that but they stop working once published. Does this work with fullpage.js?

That´s odd…

What do you mean with “Does this work with fullpage.js”?

Do you mean you have fullpage.js as a plugin?

@Tom1984 Old post, but how do you activate the ‘Current’ state in the on the LinkBlock? I have linked my LinkBlocks to different sections, but I’m not able to get a ‘Current’ state on it to make any changes in this state!

SOLVED: the section ID must be text, not numbers for the current state to work!

Thansk, Christoffer