Add Filters to a collection-list within a component

Hi everyone!

Here’s the situation: I have a Website that has quite a lot of static pages. Those Pages belog to different Categories. Before the Footer on every Page, I want to have a list with the other pages in the Category of the Current page.

I have added a collection List that acts as a Sitemap. It contains all my Pages, the Category of the Page, a quick description and the Link to the Page.
I build a Section that has my List of Pages and turned into a component. This Component sits above the footer on all static pages.

However when I turn it into a Component, I cannot access the Filter options for the Collection List anymore.
Ideally these two Filters need to be set manually for every page:

  1. Show only Pages from the current category
  2. dont show the current page

Is there any clever way to achieve this natively or with custom Code?

Since there are so many static pages, I really want to use one component. Its just too Time consuming to maintain otherwise. And there will be a bunch of changes in the Future.

If anyone has an idea how to solve this I’d be delighted!

Thanks a lot!