Add fields and attributes to a form

I am building a landing page for a product validation (building an Email list of interested visitors). along with visitors’ name, company and mail, I want to collect the payment option they’ve chosen (1 of 3).
However, after selecting a payment option, when I click the first input field in the form, the button in the chosen plan resets to “Unchosen” state.

The button itself is a nav link with hover and focused states and is not within a form tag.
The rest of the forms is separated from the option plans.
I have attached a screenshot. Hope it shows.

Thanks in advance for your help.

You will need to convert the focused state into a combo class.

Then on any button click, you will need to use custom code to:

  1. add that combo class to the button, and remove the combo class from other buttons

  2. select a hidden dropdown list with the selected option

Thanks Samliew :slight_smile:

I actually managed with radio buttons and styled them to look like previous nav-links.
One thing I couldn’t do is add an attribute to scroll to a section of the page upon clicking one of the options. Any ideas?

Here, jQuery scroll to element