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Add Facebook Like, Twitter Tweet and Google Plus Follow


Are there any other ways to add Facebook Like, Twitter Tweet and other Social Media Add Ons other than using the embed button. This is because embed elements only can be previewed on published/exported site and I can’t edit or align the buttons as I wish.

Thank you!
Daru Sim

@darusim_ws At the moment this is the only way to do it inside Webflow. If you embed an iframe you will be able to see it in the designer, but scripts cannot be rendered. From personal experience it’s pretty annoying to work with these social embed elements. We will try to make it easier if we can.

UPDATE: Widgets added.

This is now implemented and works great - awesome stuff! So happy about it, but found a few bugs when making my "thank-you page’:

Thanks @thelle! Are you able to select each widget, add a class, and set a manual width in the Position section?

@danro - any ideas on how we can fix this?

Yes, @callmevlad, I can use the width control in the position section, which can fix the problem with “Follow @bemyeyes” being off center. 126px seems to be about right :smile:

Hi @thelle, thanks for pointing out these issues. You can try the following to fix them:

  1. Facebook - Insert this code into a custom HTML embed, and it should hopefully resolve the width issue:
.w-widget-facebook iframe {
width: auto !important;
  1. Google Plus - it looks like the button is trying access which is not responding. I’m guessing the https was a typo? Try using plain old http and see if that works.
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Works great!

With the HTML style embed I loose the centering - I can of course use the width again, but with the boxes growing to right it gets off centered again. (this is a tiny detail though - extremely happy all-in-all!)