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Add External Page

Hello, Need help on how we can include external page inside webflow. I don’t know what to call it. We hosted our website in webflow, but we want to include another page in it that someone built for us to host it using our domain.



Or can we manually include it using filezilla? If thats possible how do you get the hosting, username and password if your site is hosted in webflow?

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No filezilla with Webflow. I think that the only way to add the page is to build it with Webflow.

Piter :webflow_heart:

If you registered the domain with webflow then I don’t think that is possible. But if you registered it using some other registrar then you could make it work but it would be a hassle (you would need to host it on a separate server and mess with your server config). I would just rebuild it in webflow.

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Well i think hosting your site in webflow is a bit mess, I dont know why I do that. Now I have to explain to my team how we can pull out the site and host again in godaddy.

BUT, we will lost our blog template and auto update for our website :pensive:

How about subdomain?

Yes. You can have separate subdomains if you manage your DNS outside of Webflow. I have subdomains for projects hosted in Webflow because I run my DNS through Cloudflare. My subdomains refers to another server which hosts demo versions of sites for clients and such.