Add DNS entry for staging site (

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we are considering to use an online translation supplier in order to automatically translate or webpage into other languages. In order to work properly, I need to add a certain DNS (CNAME) Entry to the DNS.

Whereas that works wonderfully on the live site, it does not work on the staging site ( But here I would need to do the development with a working translation (as e.g. the Finsweet filtering does not work on translated pages), I can’t do that on the live site.

Does anyone know, if (and how) I can add the CNAME-entry to my staging site here at Webflow?

Thanks for your help!

You can only add CNAMES or other DNS records to zones (domains) you control. The webflow.iodomain is controlled by Webflow. You can change the subdomain of your published project but only one is allowed.


No good news, though :frowning:

When it is not possible to add a CNAME Record to my, is it possible to make edits to the .htacsess file? That might be a way to still make it work…

Thanks for your views :slight_smile:
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Nope, since none exists on Webflow hosting. Multiple domains can be associated to a paid project but all redirect to the primary.

Hi @webdev I’m new to webflow but I also need to have a cname record for staging that way I can have cookies flow easily back and forth between webflow and my application.

Is there no way to associate a domain with the staging site similar to production?