Add collections as dynamic section to pages

Hi, I’m having trouble finding out the possibility of the collections

I have a client that wants to be able to add sections as collections and then build a page up around that, just like other page builders like Shopify and WordPress.

Is that possible with webflow or is the collections / CMS only designed to static designed pages?


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Hi @PhilipVaarskov ,
webflow isnt meant for this usecase. I would recommend (if you want to use webflow) use the udesly adapter do create a wordpress template, and let your client design his own site with elementor or sth. (or you let him in to the designer → not recommended by me)

Collections are great for galleries, blogs, or content that sould show up on the page as a prestyled section. BUT your client will not have the ability to design the pages by himself.
For example, you design a sample page for a blog post and the cms data will be pushed into this layout. Or another example is, you are creating a gallerie. You are designing the layout, (column count width) borders of images and text on hover (examples).
Your client has then the ability to create new cms items, these items will show up in the predifined style, you have designed. But he will not be able to change styles.

Hope i could help

Is it possible to design the site in webflow convert it with udesly and then convert it to elementor?
Thank you for your quick answer.


Puhh i havn´t worked really with udesly, but in my understanding you create a page theme with udesly not the page by itelf…

(Header Footer, gerneal styles Fonts interactions…)

I have looked it up and i am wrong. Udesly converts the whole page… you should google a bit, before trying and wasting time. Maybe you can contact udesly support and ask for your usecase?


Thanks, I will google some more :slight_smile: