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Add client sites to your public profile from different accounts - Suggested Method

Hi all, mainly the staff at webflow @cyberdave, @thesergie and @brryant

I am enjoying the new public portfolio side to webflow where we can display sites we have created and people can like/comment on them.

However some of my client sites are created on their own separate accounts - due to billing, domain hosting etc. etc.

As of now I can’t find a way to add these sites to my own personal account’s public portfolio.

Is there a work around currently?

If not this is my suggestion that I think can work well for all involved.

Add something to the clients account (well all webflow accounts) with a dropdown where you can add another user as “contributor/shared ownership” - if too complex then just a “allow user to display this site publicly” sort of thing but the client account still only has the design access etc.

This then means that I can display a client site I designed and built entirely myself on my public portfolio - This way a lot of users will be able to showcase more of their work as many probably don’t use their own accounts for client sites.



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As the public projects are unlimited, create a site to showcase the project, display samples and link to the real thing. It’s really only a workaround.

“Multiple owners” for projects is something Behance uses.

Here’s a project with four owners:

Owners badges appear in the project page.

And on the portfolio of each designer.

It works pretty well. Applied to Webflow you would have to decide who controls the “product page”, obviously the owner of the site.

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Great advice - thanks for a temporary fix :slight_smile:

This would be a great addition. Thanks for the suggestion!