Add child levels to "breadcrumb" layer navigation at bottom of designer

Hey, can we please get child levels in the breadcrumb menu at the bottom of designer (and in the blue pop up list on the element itself)?

Currently when we select an element, the breadcrums show all the parent elements, but no child elements. So to select a child element, I need to go over to the navigation panel and manually select it. This would be SUPER helpful when digging around in multi-level drop downs and other complex elements.

2nd parent > 1st parent > current element > 1st child > 2nd child

Also add some child elements to the blue list which appears on the element itself when selected:

  • 2nd parent
  • 1st parent
    - current element
  • 1st child
  • 2nd child
    [ selected element on the screen ]

It seems like a deliberate choice to not include these. I find myself wanting to get down very often when dealing with complex elements.


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I’m in favor of that too but it raises questions: if 1st child has a sibling, which has a child too, which branch are you showing?

I was thinking that by clicking on the last element, the one we’re on, we’d get a vertical dropdown of the siblings of that element.

Hmmm, good question. I can see why this would be left out now.