Add background to navigation symbol?

I have a navbar which is a symbol. I want to add a hero section picture to the nav symbol. In this way I can drop in the nav symbol into any page and then I don’t have to put in an extra hero section picture. So far I have not found a way to do this.


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This can be accomplished by

  1. Create CMS Object containing Hero Image

  2. Set Header Symbol contains
    CMS Divblock

  3. Link CMS Divblock to Page CMS Image, per page

Does that work?

I think so. I will try. Thanks.


I did a similar thing as you, except I didn’t put it in a Symbol, instead, I set negative Y-AXIS -100px on the hero section immediately after the header to put a circle avatar in the header area…

Header: Symbol
HERO: Flex Box & Position=Relative
Avatar: CMS Object==Image From CMS & Position=Absolute Top Position & -100px