Add Background Music to Webflow Site

Hello members! I wanted to know how we can add background music to webflow site. I want music to play in the background in a loop

Would be hard to overcome the default browser settings that block autoplaying audio. If you really wanted to do that you would have to write custom code.

Hello @webdev could you find a custom code that works for it. I’ve tried many but failed to do so.

There are many posts about this in the forum - the basic consensus is that it’s not possible, apparently this is because of browser restrictions - I don’t agree with the limitation but it seems to be the norm - so I have given up on the idea - as the saying goes though “Google is your friend”.

If In general we cant add music due to browser restrictions, can’t we just add a music player with ability to stop/start music? If so, would like some guidance related to that

Webflow has implemented the Embedly API into Rich Text Elements / Fields. Over 600 different types of embeds are supported. So all you need is link to media from one of those supported sources or you can roll your own with custom code.