Add an existing static page to CMS blog post?

Hello community, I do need your help - I am very new to Webflow without any knowledge of coding. I have created a static page on Webflow, may I know how to add it as a Blog Post in CMS collections as I need to do migration from Webflow to Wordpress.

When I start to do according to this page (How to migrate from Webflow to WordPress easily), I found that there is no blog post on my Webflow as it is a static page… Can you please advise how to convert my existing static page into a Blog Post?

Remarks: API key doesn’t work for my case - I need to migrate the Webflow page to Wordpress as a page as I need to use other plugin created on Wordpress for my page.

Here is my public share link:

You would manually need to migrate the content of your static page into a post in WordPress. The Gutenberg editor is pretty capable so you may be able to simply go to the front end of your Webflow site, copy the content with your browser then simply go into the editor in WordPress and paste the content, then make changes as necessary,

Thanks a lot for your guide!! I am going to try it out.