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Add additional elements to an actual animation

hi I’m not able to add overly and text over the animation and have the same animation plus opacity

How can I do that

Welcome to the community @Moak_Studio!

I’m not sure I understand the question, however it looks like the link you included is showing a 404. Can you confirm that’s the right link and/or provide the read-only link to the project in question?

Webflow - Moak's Top-Notch Project sorry, in top of those images I need to put and overly with text and when the mouse go over the overly have opacity but without take off the other animation that already the temple have

The animation itself can be found within each of the circle photo Symbols, so click into any of them to reveal the Element Trigger in the Interactions panel:

To replace the animation with a new one you create, just open the “Mouse hover” interaction shown under the Element Trigger section, and create a new timed animation that will take it’s place:

You can only have one animation chosen for the “On hover” and “On hover out” states so only the new animation you create will show. Hopefully that helps :+1:

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Thank you so much, now I know why I can’t do that