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Add a static section in the middle of a CMS collection grid

Is it possible to add a static section in a CMS collection grid and specify how many columns/rows that section takes up?

I want to achieve something like the below, where the cards are all CMS items (I can do this already), but there is a larger, ‘static’, section that fits naturally within the grid.

thanks in advance :pray:

Split it into three collections of four. The top row spans the whole section. The second collection wraps after two to take up two rows, followed by the static content. The third collection spans the bottom row.

In the collection settings you can offset which posts show. Offset the first collection by 0, the second by four, and the third by eight.

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Thanks, @Steven_Stavrakis

I guess for this solution I need to fix the max number of items per row at 4, and create different designs for different screen sizes, right?

That’s how I would do it. Shouldn’t be too difficult w/ flexbox.

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Awesome, thank you very much.