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Add a link to collection pages in a grid row

Hello Webflow community,

I am new here.

I have a problem associating a link on the whole width of the row of a grid.
I can add a link in one column of the grid.

On the template I use, the grid is associated to a link. Not on my grid :frowning: (on the left in the following screenshot)

Also, the configuration of my grids do not contain Link Setting contrary to this following picture of the templates:

How to associate the grid to a collection page link please?

Thank you in advance

Hello @oliversnaf and welcome to the forum! Please refer to this post on how to include a read-only link of your project so others can interact with the problem and do their best to figure it out.

Hello @bavshehata, yes of course :slight_smile:

Here is the page available in read only ( [URL]), it concerns the section 42, I do not know how to apply the link of the job offer to the width of the line.

On the template available here ([URL]), the grid is linked to the page collection, how is it possible?

Thanks in advance for your help.


can anyone help me please?

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Hey there @oliversnaf

Currently your are using the grid element for your .Career row. I cannot be associated to a link.
What you can do is use a Link block element for your .Career row and associate it with your link. And then, applying a Grid display to it.

Now the whole item row is a link !
Hope it helps, have a nice day :slight_smile:

Bonjour et merci @jptrinh , it works :slight_smile:
Have a nice day!