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Add a gradient to a cms image


I searched the forum and found some similar topics but couldnt find the solution so I hope someone here is able to help me…

Im trying to have a cms and pull the images from there. The images should have an overlay.
I tried adding the overlay straight to image but the cms image seems to overwrite the overlay so i added an extra div with a overlay gradient and tried to aclompish it this way with a z index but its not working.

I would much appreciate any help…
Its in the last section of my project :slight_smile:

Here is my public share link:

Hi @MaxWF

I have tried the z-index approach and it worked just fine - the problem is that your gradient is not transparent - it goes from red to white but it should go from red to transparent then you will see it…

@IVG Lol, thanks for taking the time, I tried arround for like 20 mins without noticing I have to use transparent not white :joy: