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Add a formula with changing variables to a Webflow site


Basically, I have a client who wants to add:

  1. A stock market company share price quote to his website.
  2. A set target price for that stock price.
  3. The percentage difference between the two.

Obviously, as the share price moves up and down daily, so will the percentage value. So how can I implement the above? Do i need to input code/formulas (bad news for me!)?

Any easy solutions or ideas?

Thank you!

Hey @DanUK1 , this is definitely possible, however it would involve custom code. You would need to:

1.) Find a widget/plugin to get the current share price on the site
2.) Create the set price as a normal element in Webflow
3.) Use javascript/jQuery to grab both values, run the calculation, and input this value in a different element on the page

If you’d like help implementing this feel free to DM me.


Thanks for the response @justin_c - I’ve sent you a DM

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