Add a form to an "add to cart" product


I am building an Ecommerce webpage, and I would like to add a form to the product page.

For example if I want the customer to be able to put in their own custom text to be printed on a t-shirt. Or If I would sell something that could be made in custom sizes then i would like the cutsomer to be able to put in there own value to the product. The form values has to be a part of the order.

Is this possible today? Or how do i make this happen?

Welcome Carolin

You can not place form block inside “add to cart” element.

It is not the best way to achieve your goal but I would place it (the form block) in the Product page, anywhere around the element (add to cart). add a subject line in the form block that let you know what the customer want to buy. :slight_smile:

Hi @Carolin_Bostrom. I’m trying to achieve something very similar. How did you go about this in the end?