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Add a "current" or "active" class to the currently displayed slide

If you add a “current” or “active” class to the currently displayed slide, we will be able to make nice sliders that show the previous and next slides, styled differently (by removing the overflow:hidden property on the mask).

For the moment, in the code, nothing differentiates slides.

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What would actually be great is to also add .next .previous .next+1 .previous+1 classes to the pending or passed images.

I’m actually looking to do something like this without hacking

Oh and by the way, I couldn’t add effects (opacity, translation…) to the Slide object, I had to nest a div in. Is it intentional?


@callmevlad is it worth that I continue fighting for this class to happen or just abandonned the idea? I’d really like my slider to behave great :smiley:

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I also want this. Gives many new possibilities.