Acuity Scheduling Embed into Webflow

Hello! Has anyone embedded Acuity Scheduling into their site successfully?

I want it to be as seamless as it is here on this site: (scroll to the bottom)

I’ve not used Acuity yet, only Calendly, so any insight will help, thanks!

it’s just an iframe that you have to paste into an embed element, nothing you can really control

Hi Chelsea,

I have not used Acuity either but I use three other scheduling systems for some client sites, which embed quite similarly.

In terms of styling and embedding, you’re generally stuck with what features they give you. Most are IFRAMEd to ensure CSS isolation and code integrity, which means you have no direct control from Webflow outside of the embed code snippet.

Generally you can control sizing, positioning and scrolling of the IFRAME, but nothing regarding the contents.

Some services allow you to customize CSS in your system setup, and it looks like Acuity offers that.

Here are some notes that might help;

Read the mobile section especially, it’s very important.

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I have but unfortunately the client has pivoted so I don’t have a live site to show you with the embed. It did involve quite a bit of custom code in the Acuity backend to get the styling I wanted. If you are familiar with css it is pretty straight-forward. Let me know if you have any specific questions.

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