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Active Design Time is a good idea but returns too high values

I’d love for it to work. It returns very high values : Maybe it calculates chan webflow is open. It could stop counting when no action is made for a minute.

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True that - we’ll take a look at making it more accurate soon!

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I was about to ask the same question. Was wondering how it calculates because it always seems like very high numbers.

My two cents. I’d like to know when a tracker is running and when it stopped. I used the “Published” overlay dialog to sketch this

Message could show “Time tracking has stopped 2 hours and 34mn ago”. And the dialog could show the total time passed on this site, along with the number of work sessions.

I’ve never wanted to buy an app to track my time. I’d have to manually start/stop it and I don’t see this happening. Would make a lot of sense to have it within the tool.

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Thanks for your feedback guys! These will be good improvements.

@vincent, if you replaced the “Close” button upper right with a pair of buttons below the message that gave the option of discarding or keeping the time elapsed since last activity, you’d be ahead of some dedicated time trackers I’ve seen :wink:

Oh this is a good idea and make immediate sense… as it just happened to me: 25mn “break” that was in fact a conference call with the client, I could “discard” that break. Adding that to my mockup.

Another touch that would further complicate this UI, but in the larger picture create a really valuable affordance, would be some way to specify a point between some and none for the time retained.

I didn’t mention it originally because I suspect that there are multiple use cases to consider before proposing a real design solution, and it would take some time and thought to really nail the requirements. But if it triggers a thought on your part that would solve it for your particular use case… Like for example, if you stopped actively designing, had your 25 minute meeting, then went to lunch for an hour, and sat down to design. With “toss” or “keep” the whole 1:25 your only options, you could choose either one, but (in a time tracking app) would need to go edit the actual time down to just your 25 minute meeting on top of actual design time that occurred before. (And have no good option in Webflow since I doubt if they would want to build out all that functionality. At least I hope they wouldn’t.)

So the affordance of making that call about how much time to retain right at this point in your workflow is huge, because it can save trips to the editing page and everything that comes with that.

Possible “universal use case” solutions might include:

  1. A time of day widget to spec the real end of tracked time for the session.

  2. A +/- incremental widget (add or subtract in 15 minute increments from the end of active design time)

  3. Maybe a time-based slider widget that gives you a visual time scale context starting from when your tracked design time began to now, with time of day readout as you slide it

Or, something completely different that solves your use case!

Sometimes is too hight, and sometimes too low: today i’ve been on a design all the afternoon, i go to the tracker and i see: 27mn !

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