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Activating SSL with godaddy...need CSR


I contacted godaddy support…they said that they could help get me setup, but would need the CSR (Certificate Signing Request) from you guys.

Thanks in advance and best,


If you are not using Webflow to host your site, then you should get the CSR from your web hosting provider.

If you are using Webflow to host your site, you do not need to purchase the SSL elsewhere, and therefore not need any CSR.

Hi @samliew,

I am hosted on webflow.

I think I am SSL, but I am seeing no green https in the browser:



Hi @nathanphilsteele,

You are not on SSL. That option is for IMAGES only.

SSL for Webflow hosted sites is currently in beta testing, and is open to selected users only.

Hi nathan,

For CSR, you need to contact your hosting provider to generate it for you. Then, you can paste the CSR and enroll the CSR to get .cer.

This is false advice, as nathan is hosting on Webflow.

Hi @samliew,

Any idea when this might be available? The small SEO boost and the professionalism that comes with having it, is much appreciated.




Temporary free fix

Join beta testing

Thanks @samliew,

I just asked to be a part of the beta testing for SSL…so fingers crossed :slight_smile:



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