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Activating a subscribe modal

Hello there,

I am not a developer hence apologies if this is a very naive question.

I purchased a template (, and I build my website ( I now want to add a “subscribe modal” like the template has on this page

So I went and selected the element from the Navigator -> command + C -> went to my page -> command + V.

The result is that the modal is on the page when I make it visible, however when I go in preview mode it doesn’t appear. It seems to be missing a “trigger” to appear. Copy/paste on it’s own doesn’t work.

Here are some screenshots:

  1. This is the page from the original template

  1. This is the page where I copied it

Preview mode:

Despite the modal being there:


Hello Micav can you share a readonly link to your website? It might be that the interaction is not there correctly or it’s not triggering. It’d be much better if you can share the link so I can experiment and figure out exactly how it is working.