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Activate responsive nav for iPad landscape

Hi Guys

Just wondering if there is a way that I could active the responsive navigation for the iPad landscape view? Perhaps with some custom code perhaps? Our navigation / header section is quite long so would like the hamburger icon to activate a little earlier then iPad portrait breakpoint?


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This is built in, no need for code. You can also make it visible on desktop if you want. Just select the nav and go to the settings panel (gear icon) and towards the bottom above custom attributes you’ll see “menu icon for:” Just drag the slider wherever you want the hamburger icon to start. Good Luck

Hi DFink

Thanks for the responsive but I am after the ‘iPad landscape’ option. The way you mention above only affects the iPad portrait. By default webflow does not see ‘iPad landscape’ as a responsive breakpoint?

No, there is no ipad landscape media query. It is the same as the desktop media query. That is what loads when you turn an ipad to landscape.

Hi @jeremy, as @DFink mentioned, we do not have a native breakpoint for ipad horizontal, which is 1024px, and desktop mode in Webflow is 992px and higher. You can use a custom media query as described in the article: