Activate popup after Video Lightbox closes

Hi, how can I make a pop up box show up after a video lightbox is closed by the user? I am using the Webflow’s video lightbox widget, and there is no option to view the video lightbox page in Design mode , hence there is no way for me to add any interactions to the ( X close ) button.

Thank you!

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It looks like you figured out the close function on the video modal - right?


The current video lightbox is made using Webflow’s drag and drop Lightbox Link widget. I am not able to see the actual lightbox screen, so there is no way for me to create an interaction with the close function.


I understand that if I created a video lightbox from scratch, I can link the close function to the pop up box. But is there any way to do it with the Webflow’s drag and drop Lightbox Link?

Thank you!