Activate/Play gif on scroll into view (once)

Hey everyone,

I had this idea of inserting a quick in-and-out little gif element on certain specific parts of a home-page i’m building, but i would like it to be a one-off thing that happens only once, and doesn’t repeat. So basically a play-once gif that activates on scroll-into-view.

Anyone got any clue as how to make this happen?

Thanks in advance!


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I’m getting this up again, because I’m also looking for a solution. Can anyone help us, please :slight_smile:


I found some javascript code which refreshes an animated gif on click. (via display: none, display: block)

I think for a Javascript Ninja it is an easy exercise to rewrite the snippet so that it can be triggered by a Webflow Interaction. Am I right with that? I have 5 Sections and in each section there is a gif, which is to be displayed with the help of the Webflow scroll trigger interaction. The javascript code should start the gif after it is displayed (display: block).

@samliew, @Revolution do you have an idea?



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