Actions are not working like they should

Hey All,

So I have built some actions to make my nav menu slide in and slide out on click and 2nd click. It has worked successfully before. But not second click does not work anymore (the nav menu is still there). Any insights into this are very helpful.


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Hi @Dinua

Thanks for posting.

It looks like the interaction is set up correctly – it’s working as expected in preview mode:

Can you try publishing the project and check if the nav interaction is working? If that doesn’t work can you try unpublishing then republishing?

​Thanks in advance.

Thanks Brandon! I think it is working. It seems that sometimes preview doesn’t work as well as publishing and then testing?

Happy to hear it’s working now @Dinua.

Preview mode should show the project as you’ll see it in your browser, but it’s a best practice to double check the live site as well. That said, if you see any other issues like this where interactions aren’t working as expected, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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