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I have built a Search bar for my website and I have a button on my topbar to activate it (make it visible) that I tied to an action to set the Display Settings of the pane to “Inline” when clicked. I also have an action to do the opposite (make it hide again).

My action is called Search Click and it even works when you click “Preview” in the Action’s settings, but it does not work live on the site. Any assistance as to why it does not affect the assigned element’s visibility would be awesome!

Preview link:


The initial appearance of display none “Hide Search” is set to the form wrapper element. It should be on the searchbox_demo element.

The way you have it setup now tells the from wrapper and all of it’s children to display none. Clicking the search button tells the searchbox to display inline doesn’t override the parents display settings.

Hope that helps :smile:

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