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Action & Funtours New CMS Client Website with Search


I’m proud to show you my second public Webflow project.

For this client project I made use of the CMS features heavily. Via manually created menus and depending category pages the user is getting access to the clients outdoor events. To get a better booking experience, some small script elements are pre filling the booking forms with event informations.

It’s a site in german language, also offering some content in english language. The search function is done with isotope script library.

I would be very happy about your feedback.

Action & Funtours - Webflow Showcase

Action & Funtours Website



Hi @pupinko

Nice job.

To me its a little confusing from a UX & UI perspective;

  1. The 2 separate navigation systems is confusing also the positioning of the activities nav feels off.
  2. Scrolling within scrolling makes everything feel like its merging (the activities image blocks on the homepage) together and makes it appear messy as it scrolls over the top of everything.
  3. The activities nav disappears when you go into an activity
  4. Secondary cta’s look disabled, maybe a yellow border hollow button would work better as a secondary cta.
  5. Reminds me of the old days with frames :slight_smile:

I see you tried to do something unconventional but i feel a conventional tried and tested layout would have worked better for information delivery. As it stands the page structure is somewhat disjointed as there isn’t any real page hierarchy or sense of place with in the site.


Hi Sveky,

thanks a lot for your very precise and detailled feedback. I appreciate and fully understand your points and will see, if I can improve some things to the next level.



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