Streaming live at 10am (PST) | Need help with CMS, Airtable, Integromat, Jetboost setup

Hello, this is my first Webflow website. First of all thanks to Webflow for granting me free plan for, a central directory of various resources you can use to help the world fight Coronavirus.

Right now, the website just has an Airtable sheet embedded. Here it is:

This is my webflow website (work in progress) :
(I cloned the Jetboost template)

Now, I need to populate the website with data from this (link) Airtable sheet
Will also need to fetch updated data (whenever there is some modification)

Tools being used: Webflow, Integromat, Airtable, Jetboost

For updating items, I’ll try this. I think it should work.


  • first of all, when I am making the site, the left portion of the site is hidden, when the Navigator is open. Isn’t there some way to make the size of site smaller?

  • My Airtable has a multi-select Category, how should I deal with that using Integromat+Webflow CMS? I really need help with this

  • I have made an Integromat integration. The Airtable part is done. got the data. Now, in Webflow CMS, I have made a collection("site-links) for getting the data

    made another Collection called categories, which will populate the multi-reference field in the above collection(Site-links)

    Now, getting data from Airtable to Webflow CMS collection list “Site-Links” is easy for all the fields expect the “multi-select categories” field. How to do that?

  • the above problems are the first hurdle. once it’s done, then I’ll have to take into account record updates and then finally do the Jetboost integration.

You can also contact me on Twitter: _iamShashank_

also here’s the whole website plan.

It is impossible on a window width smaller than certain one. If you have designer open in window make sure to run it fullscreen. If you are using macbook you may want to use higher density resolution in the screen preferences. Then the navigator will be docked and not overlay the content.

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thanks. having a wider display would def help. Not on macbook. Fullscreen didn’t help, but thanks anyway!

I went with just Webflow+Jetboost. instead of using airtable, directly editing in Webflow CMS. (also, Airtable’s rich formatting in Long text field doesn’t get formatted in Webflow Rich Text field, so no point wasting time in correcting bullets, links, BOLD etc. )
website almost ready for launch (in the next 12 hours). just need to add form submission, google analytics, custom domain.

Now, I have few questions/issues (the first two are most critical):

  1. I want a masonry/mosaic layout with Collection list, I have found a lot of previous discussion, Youtube videos on this. going through them. I want to remove these gaps :
  2. At a certain screen width, this issue is coming up, no margin between List Items in the grid. Only happens here. Is it becuase of the long title(ENDCORONAVIRUS.ORG) ??
  3. Also, see those blue links? they are links inside the Rich Text field which has the full description, so how can I change their colour/formatting?
  4. Also, any font/colour scheme suggestions are welcome, I want the site to be readable, I’ll be using this gradient somewhere, other than that white, black. will probably try white cards, with orange borders too. I don’t like the look of the site right now.
  5. Is is possible to have gradient borders? one way would be have a DIV with the orange gradient, then a nested DIV with white colour with some margin to create illusion of border.