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Acquiring new clients question


Decided to post something different from all the ‘need help’ question being posted recently.

I want to ask the webflow forum community about customer acquisition.
Specifically what are your techniques you utilise when meeting clients for the first time face to face. No emails or phone calls, just walking into a small business and speaking to the manager, or if your lucky the owner.

What is your opening line?, what techniques do you use to get them to spend five minutes of their time to discuss what services you are offering?

Personally i spend some time first identifying a potential customer (one without a website or one with a very old and outdated site, especially in the mobile responsiveness component). Then i prepare a list of sites that showcase unique and beautiful designs that would capture the clients creative attention, along with showcasing sites i have built for other clients. From here its a matter of meeting the client face to face, which i prefer as i find emails and even phone calls just don’t work, its much harder for someone to say no to someones face than just deleting an email, or saying ‘no thank you’ on a phone call.

What is everyone’s thoughts on this?? Would make an interesting discussion for sure.


Deep question :smile:

I have found if you’re cold calling a client (or meeting in your case) you need to educate the client about the value of a website. They aren’t seeking you out so chances are they haven’t thought about what it is worth to them, or what opportunities they are missing.

Talk about potential increases in sales and exposure to their target market to get them invested in the idea of working with you. Bring examples of websites you have worked on and talk about the positive effects the project had on that clients business, this is especially effective if the projects are in the same industry.

Talk about the clients role in the project, and evaluate how they react. This will give you an indication weather or not they are a good fit for your working style.

You will also have to talk about money. There is no point in hard selling a potential client if they don’t have the budget to pay you. This is likely to be the case if you are approaching them.

Notice that I haven’t mentioned aesthetics at all.