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Achieve this search appearance for google?


Is there way I can achieve a similar format through webflow for my site when searching like the below screenshot?



Hi Nathan,

This is a SEO theme and it is not related to the platform where your site was built.

Search engines, such as Google or Bing give relevance to your site mainly upon content and structure.

Although you cannot control it, good content and structure may help you get higher positions and, with time, Google might find your site relevant enough to display secondary links.

SEO is vital to the success of any website. Here is a link to another post on the forum, that might give you some help:

Lets talk SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much! @nita_design



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You’re welcome Nathan! Glad to help :slight_smile:

One other thing to add to what Nita stated… Backlinks.

If you can get bloggers and/or other websites to link to your website, not just the home page but sub level pages (if you have these on your website), Google finds that favorable in terms of serving relevant search results and subsequently may delve deeper into your website’s links and choose to display them.

I would recommend going through the Google Webmaster tools to begin learning about Google’s SEO “requirements” and most beneficial practices.

Good luck. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much @sethregan!



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Very welcome If you’d like to discuss further, I won’t advertise on this forum as I wouldn’t feel ethical doing so, but SEO and online marketing is something I’ve been doing with my design firm for a long time. Find me on Facebook perhaps and send me a private message or shoot me an email.

Talk soon.

@sethregan @nita_design your both right.

Proper structure will help with your SEO, today google is placing its focus on site reputability, user experience and whether your site is a resource site or not.
Back links an link juice are also important as it helps Google determine if the above is really the case.

One trick which i have seen “SEO experts” do is to create a bunch of websites for different regions and have them all backlink to the website they “SEO boosted”.

Example: Lets say your’s selling shoes on your website “Shoes-Choose

You create about 10-15 other websites that will act as a portals for shoes. Maybe called “Shoes Reviews:slight_smile: , providing reviews, information and recommendations (with no obvious connections to your shoes website).
I.E:,, etc…

In that manner you can create thousands of backlinks (follow links) to your shoes website, increasing its reputability and apparent popularity.

Its a bit dirty, lots of work and really about pulling both ends of the rope, but it works.

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