Accounting question: Sending receipts to accountant

Hello there, fellow freelancers!

I’m working on a product called LancerKit that will make it easier to transmit receipts to your accountant. Keeping track of spending and receipts may be difficult, and I want to make it easier for those of us in the freelance community.

So, may I ask, what is your present procedure for delivering receipts to your accountant? Is it a simple process, or do you encounter any difficulties?

Do you, for example, struggle to keep receipts organized? Is keeping track of your costs a time-consuming process for you? What features do you like to see in a product like LancerKit that will make your life easier?

Your ideas and comments are greatly valued. Thank you very much!

Good luck with your product. We are currently using and are very pleased with it. It allows us to automatically collect receipts from all organizations’ inboxes, and we can scan and share receipts with our accountants through our mobile devices.

It’s great to get advice from fellow freelancers. I’ve had similar struggles when it comes to managing receipts and sending them to my accountant. I’m currently using a combination of paper filing and online spreadsheets, but I’m always looking for ways to streamline my process. I’d recommend checking out as the best tool for freelancers to track earnings and expenses. I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences. What kinds of features are you looking for in a product like this? Any suggestions on how to make the process of sending receipts to an accountant easier would be greatly appreciated.