Accordion tabs not working


I am building a downloads subpage with the categorization of files done with a custom mixture of dropdown accordions + tabs. I have 4 separate accordion dropdowns (categories), with a couple of tabs each (tab content displaying to the right)

Everything has worked fine so far - all the tabs are switching correctly according to the assigned animations.

However, the fourth (last) accordion tab in particular always fails to load whenever I click on it after having clicked on any other accordion-tab beforehand in the preview (or on the published site). ONLY if I click on accordion tab 4 first in the preview does it work.

I have tried countless fixes, redone all of the elements, animations, tab classes etc. yet nothing seems to be fixing the problem. The tab-container (to the right) of the 4th accordion tab just shuts down and will not load. The animation is set properly to reveal the element on 100%, identical to all the others, yet the problem persists.

I would highly appreciate some advice and help. Thank you!

Here is my public share link: Webflow - Talentic