Accordion menu suddenly broken? "Open menu" displays nothing?

I don’t know if webflow changed something but my accordion menu on the homescreen has suddenly broken. When you click a city it normally pops open a list of available locations for that city. Now nothing is displayed and I can’t even see the lists of locations in the editor. Clicking “open menu” shows nothing either. What gives??? Any help is greatly appreciated!!

Here is my site Read-Only:

I am using “legacy” interactions btw. Not sure if that helps.

Hello @Jordan_Horstman,

I didn’t experience the issue you are talking about, when I clicked on the cities the menu of locations opened up

maybe it is an issue with the browser you are using. I tried it on chrome and safari and worked fine with both, what browser are you using?

Looks like the users reporting this error (including myself) were using an outdated version of Chrome! Thanks for your help!

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