Accordion item opens on clicking randomly on the page

Hello everyone!
I am new to interactions in Webflow. I made this Accordion on my projects pages. These are some issues I am facing:

  • First when I load a page, I go to the accordion and I have to press twice on itsits button to open it. - After the accordion has been opened and closed one time, if I click anywhere on the whole page (expect other buttons on the page), the accordion opens up again. It opens also with its own button, but also opens up randomly clicking when I click anywhere on the page. And it only closes after I close it with its own button.

My website is already published, you can also see the problem here: Portfolio Pallavi Keshri | Migros Museum of Contemporary Art App

Thanks a lot for the help.

Here is my public share link: Webflow - Pallavi's Site

Hi @pallavikeshri

Just inverted the logic and it’s working fine now:

Helle :slight_smile: Thank you for your reply. Yes that worked. But the issue of the Accordion opening up upon clicking anywhere on the screen persists…

Sorry I did some mistake before. The issue is solved by your suggestion. Thank you!