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Accordion Dropdown not hiding text

Hi, I have implemented an accordion drop down on my website when more info is clicked.
I have used an interaction when more info is clicked, then the dropdown text’s initial state is 0pixels high and when its clicked it is 100px high. More Info is clicked again to hide the text.
I had it working right, but for some reason when I added in sliders instead of just single images and now the text isn’t fully disappearing even tho it’s height is set to 0 pixels. I’ve attached a screenshot below of what I mean, also a link to the website.
Would really appreciate any help at all, just cant figure this out

Thanks so much!!

Here is my public share link:

When I clicked the fist Info link it shows popup but on the second it is showing nothing.
Can you explain how your page will look or behave when everything is fine?

Hi @Kayley!
Sorry, my mic was not working but I make a video for you.
Just follow the steps this problem will be solved.

Hi @KamranImtiaz ,
Thank you so much for your help! I have done all your steps and the more info link now works but for some reason my first info link in my nav is not working now?

Thank you !

i’ve attached a new link below

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I am not sure about which nav link you are talking about.
BTW in that readonly link everything is working fine. Can you update the readonly link.
Thanks. @Kayley

Sorry the second drop down is doing the same thing and won’t become 0 pixels, do you know what the reason for this is?

Thanks !

Send me the Fresh Readonly link.

oh sorry ! Does this work for you ? thanks !