Accordion dropdown bug? Toggle text break change stops hiding text

Hey everyone!

I am building out an accordion dropdown for an FAQ section. It was working perfectly until I selected text break ‘normal’ for the toggle text, in order to address the issue of text not wrapping onto a second line. Now the accordion will not hide the text underneath when in the closed state…!

I have another accordion on the site that was a duplicate of the FAQ one, which I have not touched the text break settings on - this one still works fine.

Any ideas on what is causing this would be appreciated - I have gone around in circles trying to figure it out!!!

Here is my public share link: Webflow - ETA Training

Hi @WillysChilli,

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I hope I’ve understood your question correctly - I think this accordion can be fixed by changing the ‘FAQ Accordion 2x Line’ element to overflow: hidden.

Screenshot here: Webflow - ETA Training 2022...

Hope this helps!

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You are a genius sir. Face palms Definitely time to log off for the day… thanks!!!