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Accordion drop down widget?


Does anyone know if there are any accordion widgets available for webflow, or a cloneable download for it?

I have a client that wants an icon and title that when clicked on, opens an accordion drawer to reveal the copy, and on their bio page they want to show the first 4 lines with a read more link that opens a drawer to the rest of the bios. Link is below to show you wants there now.

Thank you for any info,


Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi @mhyusi,
Have resolved this issue? If not, let me know I can fix it for you.

Not really.

Thank you

Actually, this I figured out. It’s the 5 across columns that I’m still stuck on.

Thank you

5 across on that row?? I see 5 now, did you fix it… it looks fine on my machine.

I think I did! Thanks for looking though, appreciate the time. Actually used grid on it.

Not a problem… good deal. See ya!