Accordian Interactions broke with CMS

Hello WF Community…
I’ve already posted this question in Design Help - CMS but I think this is also an Interactions issue and I am beyond my head. I tried for hours yesterday to no avail so if you know how to fix this I am so so grateful.

Right now the Featured (Featuring) section in the gallery has an interactive accordian.
When I bind it to the CMS collection, each item generates in the open states (as opposed to first open, subsequent closed) so they are all displaying open vertically (where the design is supposed to be 1 horizontal accordian with 4 tabs).

Is there a way to bind interactions to each CMS? How can I get this design to display properly on desktop? In tablet and lower breakpoints it displays fine, although still load all open and ideally 2,3,4 would load closed. Also how can this be configured in a way that the tabs could continue horizontally on desktop?

I am so close to launching. Any help would be sooooooo beyond appreciated.

Thank you,

live site: Gallery - LeRoy Bennett
read-only: Webflow - SDW

[1]: Gallery - LeRoy Bennett
[2]:Webflow - SDW

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