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Accordeon module?

Hi everyone,
Any ideas for a simple way to create an accordeon in webflow? Something very similar to this:


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Hi Benny, how did you solve it? I used interactions.

Fortunately I didn’t have to as the client changed the design. This is good stuff, I’ll probably use it in future projects. But what I need is a bit different. I would need several of these text blocks and an opened block would need to close when I open another one, just like in the example I posted. However, I will probably use this in one of my current projects so thank you so much for sharing!

Glad it helps. Right, at the moment it’s not possible with interactions to affect two elements with one trigger. But Yann shows a great solution over here: How to Create an Accordion Effect

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In case it helps anybody, Steven Persson shows here a great way to do accordeons with the dropdown widget and interactions: