Accidental Site Title Interaction Help

Hello, there is an interaction on my site title at:

When the site logo is clicked it jumps over toward the center of the nav-bar and does not navigate to the link that it’s supposed to. There is no “Press” interaction set.

I would be very grateful for some help in figuring this out!

Thank you!

Hi Justin,
We’ll need your read-only link to investigate.

Sorry new to Webflow. Here it is:

Tried to figure it out but I’m stumped. I’m sure there’s someone in the forum who can help you. @memetican @Stan ?
Seems to be connected to a global style for links. Attached a screen grab showing how far I got. The element has a click state, even though it does not register in the designer view. It’s being inherited from somewhere. I see the display direction changes but not seeing an obvious way to override it.

You are correct. Here is simple fix.

@Justin_Lind You can change margin to 0 from both sides. :man_shrugging:

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Thank you @Stan and @Port_of_Folio for finding this and fixing it. I was also having a weird click effect on the Nav links too and it also from an inherent All Links Pressed effect. Thank you to you, both are now resolved.

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