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Accessing my website from an Apple Computer

Customers using an Apple computer are having difficulties accessing my web site

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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You’ll probably need to be a bit more detailed here, along with including your published site link, for anyone to give assistance.

Is the site just not loading for them? What browser are they using? Are they able to get to the site in incognito mode with all extensions turned off? Were they able to get to the site before a certain date?


This just started in the last week. My website is They are using Safari on an Apple. I don’t know what incognito mode is. Everything was find until last week. I thought it was only one user. But now I am getting other reports. Is there something that people using an Apple Computer need to do that is all of sudden different?

Thanks for the included link and the extra information. Just to confirm, users aren’t able to access the site at all?

Incognito mode essentially allows users to see an “unbiased” version of the site (no cached files, no history, etc) and typically disables all additional browser extensions that may cause conflicts with how the page is being rendered. In Safari, you can enable it by going to File > New Private Window.

I tried visiting the site myself in incognito mode with all of my extensions disabled and noticed a strange icon I haven’t seen before that may be contributing to the issue:


I know Safari has typically been very strict about users privacy and it’s possible that they are now preventing sites from displaying when they using specific third-party cookies. Since I don’t use Safari myself (I use a Windows desktop) I can’t confirm the issue, but this may point you in the right direction.

Thanks Mike,

I will query the users. Do I need to turn cookies off in my hosting?



I’m still not quite sure the exact cause of your problem, or what the solution is, however all of what I’m seeing seem to point towards the Quantcast tracking codes being a suspect.

Here’s an article from Quantcast themselves that mentions transitioning from TCF 1.1 to TCF 2.0 by August 15th of this year (three days away). It’s possible that this tracking code your using currently is based on the old TCF 1.1 and needs to be upgraded—with privacy-focused browsers, like Safari, already starting to penalize sites, like yours, for not using the new standard.

If possible I’d look into your Quantcast account for any information or updated code that you can use in place of your current code to see if that fixes the problem.

Hi Mike,

Thanks again for your help. Attached is the message that one of my Apple users is receiving.

I have done the following:

  1. Removed Quantcast
  2. Remove the only redirect
  3. Indicated “NO” to analytics.js is being used
  4. Checked IP address anonymization is set to “YES”.

Is there anything else that I can do?



(Attachment CSJournal error.pdf is missing)

I’m not familiar with Quantcast so I can’t give you too much insight here, but have you checked with your customers to see if they’re still experiencing the issue now that you’ve adjusted things?

(Attachment CSJournal error.pdf is missing)

Just as a heads up, I can’t see attachments that are included when you reply via email.


Here is the text of the message: “Safari Can’t Open the Page” – 2nd and 3rd lines – “Safari can’t open the page The error is: “Load cannot follow more than 20 redirections” (:0)

After making the changes documented in my previous email the user indicated that he was still having the same problem described above. Any thoughts.



It’s possible that these users may need to clear their cookies/cache to see if the issue is fixed. I’ve included some relevant links below for you to check out that cover fixing the “too many redirects” issue:

Thanks Mike I have forwarded it to the user.