Accessing layered images

Hi, I am very new to Webflow and trying to create a website for my start-up marketing agency. I’m having a few issues which I have detailed below. Does anyone have any advice on how to access or update the elements. Any help would be massively appreciated.

There is a Fintria logo behind the navigation at the top of the page, I cannot seem to access the settings for this image, I can only click on the navigation which doesn’t offer a section for updating this image. How do I access this if its not a clickable element?

I am also struggling to access/ replace the animated image at the bottom of the webpage (it still shows credit cards from the original template behind one of the two images I tried to overlay). I am unable to click on the image behind the one I updated to open the settings. Is there a layer section somewhere I am not aware of?

The read only link for the site can be found here - Webflow - Evolare Digital

Hi Lynn,

Clicking in the designer canvas will only let you select elements that have a size and are not overlaid by something else. Use the left-side navigator instead;

Basically the same approach here, but that interaction will take you some work to figure out. I see 5 images as elements, so you could replace them but it depends entirely on how the interaction was built, as to what effect that will have.

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Thank you very much Michael! Thats been massively helpful :slight_smile: