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Accessing Editor Mode as an Admin

I feel like I should be able to login to the Webflow dashboard, go to a site on dashboard, navigate through designer view, switch to editor view, and see what my client is seeing. When I go to live view, Webflow wants me to login to use the editor, when I do, it tells me to login as admin, and click editor.

I just did that.

Here is my site Read-Only:
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Hi @grantmdavis :wave:

When you want to see the editor you can go through project settings or the designer, which sounds like what you’re doing already…




When you say go to live view do you mean the actual website address? If you do this then it will ask you to login, however if you access directly from the designer or settings, then it shouldn’t.

If you want to view the website without the login popping up, then you can either clear your cache and reload the browser, or view the site in incognito mode.

If this doesn’t help much, could you perhaps share a couple of screenshots or a GIF to show the steps you’re taking please? :slight_smile:

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