Accessing Data & Images from Third-Party Site Using API

For the website I am building, I need to access a third-party database called “Tirelibrary Web Services” from Tireweb Marketing. I have the API Key from them, and I want the data pulled into and organized in Webflow’s CMS to use on the website.

The following link directs you to Tireweb’s developer guide:

You can preview the site I am buildling at:

Or visit:
to see an example page of where and how I’d like the data to be used (this page was built by adding the information into Webflow’s CMS manually).

Can this integration between Webflow and Tireweb be made?

I haven’t done anything like this before so it’s pretty much Greek to me.

Thanks for any and all help!

Why do you want to import the data into the CMS? One of the main reasons to subscribe to the API is that they keep it maintained. You are creating a lot of extra work by importing the data. You would need to schedule imports on a frequent basis just to keep your data up to date. I use vue.js (very similar to react) to do these types of apps.

Just to follow up on this, I need to pull the latest jobs our company has posted to Workable and display within our website via our CMS - how do I do this?
Any and all help will be appreciated!


If you can export the Workable Data to Google Sheets, you can then set up a Zapier integration to import into Webflow.

Or export data to .csv file from Workable, then do it directly in Webflow.

Yes. But how do you dynamically import images using the webflow API?
We can easily upload the data directly into a collection.

Have they exposed that functionality in the API yet?

@mburlinson You can host your images online and add the links to the data sheet. This will then pull the image from the specified address.