Accessing CMS and Password Protection Features

Hi, folks!

I’m wanting to make sure I understand the services I need to purchase in order to have the features I think I’m looking for…

  1. Enabling the CMS features allows me to create an object - a labeled select control, for example - that would let me add a bunch of the object all over my site, then edit the label and values available in the control, right? And I’d be able to edit my theoretical select control CMS object as far as the CSS aspects, all instances in my site would retain their “content” while getting updated styling?

  2. I’m currently on the Enhanced Staging plan, which includes 50 CMS items, but it looks like I can’t use the CMS tools until I publish my site. Ja?

  3. My site is a proprietary beta application front-end proof-of-concept that will literally never get used as the actual app (although, they might make use of what I’ve built). If I need to publish in order to access the CMS tools, but I want to keep the site locked down and private, I need to Account?

Thanks in advance.

You don’t need CMS to be able to use Symbols.

You mean the Editor interface? That’s for the additional collabrators you add. You can already access CMS via the Designer interface.


Thanks for the reply!

My understanding is Symbols don’t have templatable areas, whereas CMS objects do, which would make them beneficial for me to try out various content in the same object simultaneously.

I’ll look again at accessing the CMS tools via the designer interface.

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